Do you have porous walls that need waterproofing?

...…we can fix that

Are the walls damp and cold ?

.....we can fix that

Is the render patchy and uneven from old repairs?

.....we can fix that

Do the walls have loose or missing render?

.....we can fix that

Does your property need painting again?

.....we can fix that

Do you have water ingress?

.....we can fix that

Exterior Wall Coatings

We can supply and install a range of coating systems to various types of buildings from a small house to a large hotel complex we cover it all



See how one of our systems are applied.




Step 2 – Hammer Testing

The entire walls are hammer tested to see if there are blown or defective render. If, during the hammer test, defective render were found, they are removed and are either totally replaced or treated – depending on the extent of the damage – during the system.






Step 4 – Restoration & Repairs

The restoration and repair process to the property usually consist of various aspects like the filling of vents, replacement of various rendered areas, (if applicable) the reformatting of window sills and recesses, removal of hooks, antenna’s, cables, this allows us to format the buildings façade in a way to allow the appearance of a new render system once the coating is applied.





Step 6 – Coating Process

The coating is applied using a high-pressured airless spray machine. Two coats are used to complete the system, the first coat functions as a preparatory coating so as for the second coat to properly adhere to the surface and at the same time increase the walls’ durability.




The systems we offer include the application of Textured, Smooth & Clear Coatings these can be applied in a colour of your choice or a clear finish to various substrates such as brick, stone, render and lots more.

Make sure you get a qualified surveyor to survey the property before you start spending money on your project, as the wrong diagnoses will result in unnecessary expense and upheaval. We ensure a high quality product, specification and installation that are demonstrated through our accreditation as a Green Deal Installer for improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings within Scotland.

As specialists in coating systems, it’s our experience and knowledge that sets us apart.





Step 1 – Cleaning

All surfaces are applied with a fungicidal solution, once this is applied we then wash the area being treated extensively using our hydro wash system. This high-powered cleaning system totally eliminates algae, moss, lichen, pollutants and carbonation that affect the substrate. Protective coverings are laid around the property so that the entire area and its surroundings are guarded from the debris removed from the substrate during the cleaning down process.






Step 3 – Open Cracks

If open cracks are found they need to be compounded in order to return them back to their original format. This is achieved by filling the cracks with a bridging compound, which in turn will prevent them from reappearing after the coating is applied.






Step 5 – Sealant Process

The sealant process is a major part of the system that is applied on the entire surface of the walls being treated. Such a sealant helps reinforce the micro-elasticity of exfoliated substrate letting it bond properly. Not only does the sealant seal and stabilise the areas being treated, it also helps establish an ideal platform for the top coats to adhere well onto the surface. Take note that all doors, windows and adjacent structures that are not being treated are fully protected.