External Waterproofing with Wall Coating

Weatherproof Your Home with Exterior Wall Coating

Here in Scotland we experience more than our fair share of rainfall, which can play havoc with the structure and exterior of walls of even the hardiest and most well constructed home.

Thankfully, help is at hand. Externally waterproofing your property will ensure that your home is protected from the weather.  Anywall can advise on how to extend the life and efficiency of your property’s exterior.

For over a decade, our expert wall maintenance team has been applying external waterproofing to homes all over Scotland and the UK.

We assess each property on an individual basis, and conduct all the necessary repairs and maintenance work along the way. Some of the services that we can offer include:

  • Protection against all weather elements.
  • The application of a water-resistant barrier around your external walls.
  • A considerably thicker coating than traditional wall paint, ensuring greater protection.
  • Year-round application, whatever the season.
  • Textured surface application, which masks imperfections such as scars, unevenness and cracks.
  • Quick drying and highly breathable materials.
  • Unmatched durability.
  • Protection from penetrating mould, dirt, pollution and damp.

All materials that we use are chip, crack, fade and peel-proof, so you can be assured that our work will last. In addition, applying external waterproofing to your home will help save you money.   As your property will retain heat better, your heating bills should be reduced and you can add value to the price of your home.

private external waterproofing
If you are deciding whether an exterior wall coating is necessary, check for any of the following warning signs.
  • Green, dirty and mouldy walls.
  • Cold internal walls, and higher-than-usual heating bills.
  • Uneven and rough surfaces, giving your home a generally scruffy look.
  • The need to frequently repaint exterior walls.
  • Wet patches, stains or penetrating dampness on the wall
  • Scars, marks and uneven patches due to a less-than-exemplary wall coating.

If you discover any of these issues, ask us for a no-obligation waterproofing quote. We will assess and identify the issue and apply the correct external coating to rectify the problem. Once we’ve completed the waterproofing treatment your property will be protected from the weather.

With our expert home wall maintenance service, we help to eliminate potential issues you may face such as walls suffering from erosion, cracking render, flaking paint, deterioration or dampness – our external coating will leave your property with a low maintenance finish – providing complete weather protection and improving your homes value in the process.




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