Porous Wall Treatment

Porous walls can be problematic in any home. This issue is particularly prevalent in walls constructed from brick, as this is a porous substance. When rain hits a brick wall, no matter how solid the construct may be, the water will be absorbed.

If it’s just a passing shower followed by a period of sunlight, this is not a huge problem. The brickwork will dry out, and the water will evaporate before it can do any real damage. However, as anybody that has lived through a Scottish winter (or some Scottish summers) will know, rain can sometimes fall for prolonged periods of time. It only takes a couple of hours for an external wall to become completely soaked, and it’s exposed to several days of driving rain, with no opportunity to dry out.

If your walls are particularly thick, with brickwork around two feet deep, you’ll certainly delay the inevitable. However, eventually the rainwater is going to seep between the bricks. This will create moisture inside your home, which is never an appealing proposition.

If you have a plastered wall, you may notice that the paintwork begins to flake and bubble. If left untreated, the issue can magnify. Black mould will start to creep in, and then you have a potential health hazard on your hands. Yes, you can treat it by liberally applying anti mould cleaning product, however the mould will return, and you’ll need a more permanent solution.

Anywall can provide this is with an external render. Our professional team can render the brickwork outside of your property with smooth, nonporous materials.

This means that rain will bounce from your walls, and not manage to attack your brickwork. The external render will keep your interior walls dry and mould-free – and as the render is exterior, you will not need to sacrifice any space within your property.

If you are interested in learning more about our rendering service on porous walls, request an online quote today. One of our team will be in touch with a no-obligation quote and suggested plan of action.


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