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External Wall Insulation 

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Cost of External Wall Insulation ?

External wall insulation starts at around £10,000 so its not cheap, however if your property is in need of some exterior refurbishment anyway, which will cost, and taking into account the savings on your energy bills each month, this makes external insulation the right choice.

Is Exterior Wall Insulation safe?

Well this is a question we get asked regularly after the terrible Glenfell Tower disaster back in June 2017. There are various insulation systems that can be applied to buildings, these vary from the different materials used in the manufacturing of the insulation boards to the exterior finish of the façade from various render finishes, brick effect or rain screen cladding. In the case of the Glenfell Tower the system used on that tower block was a rain screen cladding system made from aluminium composite material (ACM), this was used to over clad the building after the insulation was installed. This is a panel that is attached to a mechanical frame that is embedded and secured to the substrate of the building. This is a totally different way to insulate and waterproof a building compared to what you would use on a typical bungalow or an upstairs downstairs domestic dwelling, which are more common  throughout Scotland. The systems we supply and install have to meet challenging guidelines set by the Local Authority Building Standards Scotland as well as being approved by the British Board of Agrement who is one of the UK’s largest bodies offering certification, approval and testing services to various manufacturers of external wall insulation systems. However getting back to the question at hand, YES the external wall insulation systems we supply are very safe and go through many layers of testing before they can be offered, never mind installed to properties throughout Scotland.

Does External Wall Insulation need planning?

Generally there is no planning permission needed to fit exterior wall insulation to a property, however if the building that you are looking to upgrade lies within a conservation area then a planning application will be needed. A conservation area is an area of special historic or architectural interest due to the appearance or character of the building/s or its surroundings, these listings are managed by the local council. We offer a free service to check the requirements for any planning that maybe needed before an offer is made to carry out any detailed works.

One thing to consider is that all buildings within Scotland will now require a building warrant to fit exterior wall insulation, this was something the Scottish Government engaged with the Local Authority Building Standards Scotland in autumn 2017. A building warrant gives you permission to carry out building works to a property. To arrange to get a building warrant the works that you are looking to carry out must be approved by the local council building standards department. These are enforced to make sure that what’s being installed is fit for purpose and is up to building regulations. We can arrange all the necessary planning and warrants needed to carry out all exterior wall insulation projects. We can manage your external insulation project from inception to completion. We can assist with funding where applicable, detail and manage a program of works, liaise with architects or local authorities on your behalf and complete the works to specification.

Advantages of Solid Wall Insulation?

Insulating your solid walls may cut your heating costs by as much as 40%. Solid walls will allow through twice as much heat as appose to cavity walls. The best way to treat solid walls as well as saving energy and money is with external wall insulation.

Are your walls solid? Well in most cases if your property was built before 1920 then the external walls will probably be of a solid nature and would benefit dramatically from having solid wall insulation installed. Taking that into account we have seen some solid wall construction prior to this date. Another construction type rather than a solid wall, which has no gaps, is a cavity wall, these are made up of two walls with a small space between the walls called the cavity.

We can supply and install solid wall insulation to various types of buildings from a small house to a large hotel we cover it all.

Grants & Funding available ?

There is assistance from various bodies regarding external wall insulation grants in Scotland, these vary depending on your circumstances and also the property you are looking to upgrade, as this is a complex field we offer a free advice service to discuss the grants and funding that are currently available in Scotland.

Solid Wall Insulation Installers 


The EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION SYSTEMS we offer allows the façade of a building to be finished in DRY DASH, WET DASH, SCRATCH, ACRYLIC and SILICONE RENDER and more. All these finishes can be applied in a colour of your choice. As a specialist in external wall insulation, it’s our experience and knowledge that sets us apart. We ensure a high quality of product specification and installation that is demonstrated through our accreditation to the PAS 2030 certification. This also allows us access to a wide range of funding mechanisms to improve the energy efficiency of buildings throughout Scotland.